100336 - Animal Biotechnology

Dear students,

This is a compilation of supplementary exercises and materials to complement the activities we do in this course. I will guide you through them as we need them to consolidate new concepts or explore new applications.

After completing each exercise, you can choose to download a PDF with your contribution, the answer and my feedback. Feel free to go back to this page as many times as you want!!

Enjoy the journey!!

Exercises on Topic T01

T1.1 What is biotechnology?

T1.2 Biotechnological products. Do you know the source and the process?

Exercises on Topic T02

T2.1 What are the main differences between DNA and RNA?

T2.3 Complete and reorder the diagram

T2.4 Write each name to the right place in the diagram

T2.5 Describe the steps you need to follow to cook an agarose gel

T2.6 How many targets are there for the enzyme HpaII = CC↓GG?

T2.7. Join concepts with definitions

Exercises on Topic T03

T3.1 Place the primers in the sequence and estimate the expected PCR size

T3.2 You want to work with this mRNA sequence, to retranscribe it to cDNA

T3.4 What is wrong with these primer pairs?