T1.2 Biotechnological products. Do you know the source and the process?

Product Source Process Benefit
Artificial insemination
Bt cotton
Cattle breeds
DNA paternity test
Enzymatic cleaner
Insulin (drug)
Product Source Process Benefit
Artificial insemination semen Dilution, preservation Transportation to other farms.
Spread genetic value of the male.
Beer Malted cereal grains Fermentation Alcohol, extra proteins
Bt cotton wild cotton plant, Bacillus thuringiensis (or Bt) gene GMO Insecticide resistance
Cattle breeds local breeds Animal breeding Specialization on some traits
Corn wild corn Plant breeding Larger cobs
DNA paternity test DNA sequencing project Microchip of DNA Rapid DNA test
Enzymatic cleaner bacillus spp Isolation Of lipases, amylases and proteases More effective cleaning
Insulin (drug) bacteria and human gene Bacteria transformation with a plasmid carrying the human insulin gene Large-scale insulin production
This was a difficult test. I hope you have made good use of google and your imagination! Maybe you are intrigued that enzymatic cleaners are considered a biotechnology product. Did you know bacteria can also be used as a cleaning product??

Follow this link to see a list of commercial cleaning products made by bacteria or bacteria components: http://www.ab-laboratorios.com/en/39-biotechnology