T2.7. Please, join concepts with definitions

Concept Definition
Gel Electrophoresis
The Gel Can Be Made Of
Buffer Solution
More Resistance
UV Light
Ethidium bromide
Bands on the gel

The charge on DNA, and the electrode at the end where the wells are
What causes the bands to fluoresce
The spaces that are loaded with DNA samples
It is a technique used to separate segments of DNA based on their size using an electric current
It allows a current to travel through the gel
DNA fragments visible on the gel after electrophoresis
The chemical that binds to the groove of the DNA and that is used to make the bands fluoresce
The electrode that the DNA migrates towards
The use of a dye or chemical to make the bands of DNA visible
It is a series of DNA fragments of known size, used as a standard of comparison
agarose or polyacrylamide
What longer strands encounter to make them move slower through the gel so that they stay closer to the wells
Well done! That was easy, was it not??? You can find a more complete definition of each one of these concepts in the following link: http://www.methodbook.net/dna/agarogel.html